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Our story

SmartMonkey was conceived in 2015 when two old university friends, Xavier and Jaume reunited and decided to go into business together writing operations software. The first product, an AI based route optimiser, was having trouble processing inaccurate data from the business. 

Jaume, with his background in Machine learning and AI, solved the issue and empowered the business to “learn” location data from the field team travelling to the location. Investigating what to do with their new software, the encountered Jonathan. He quickly decided to join the team and brought with him a deep supply chain and operations experience.

The name "SmartMonkey"

We are often asked about our name “SmartMonkey” and its origins. The answers lay within our technology and our goal to make it smarter. Machine learning and AI is based on deep and complex mathematical algorithms, however one particular theorem is close to our heart:

“Infinite monkeys hitting typewriter keys at random for an infinite amount of time will eventually type the complete works of William Shakespeare.”

Infinite Monkey Theorem

This Theorem underlines an important philosophy for us: don’t let the monkey’s simply type away for infinity. We must use them effectively, efficiently and most importantly, we must manage them in a smart way.

Today is the future, the AI has arrived and you can be a leader or follow the rest. Winners understand the value of data and have the ability to make a vision reality.

Be a leader, be part of the future.

Challenge yourself, 

Become a Data Driven Company 

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